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Record computer screen into a DVR / NVR

Screen ONVIF allows recording in real time and in high resolution, the image displayed on the screen of your computer into a DVR or NVR to allow recording IP cameras. Any terminal with Microsoft Windows operating system can be equipped with Screen ONVIF. It is ideal for controlling POS, Point of Information, Control Terminals or SCADA systems.

With this software you can capture everything that a security camera directed to the terminal can not see. Screen ONVIF hardly consumes resources, and works completely autonomously and imperceptible to the computer user form. It is easy to install on your PC, and once this new software running and the computer connected to the network, the recorder detects it as if an ONVIF camera were, allowing you to record this signal on a channel available DVR or NVR without the need for adapters or complex integrations.


Minimum requirements

OS: Windows XP or higher.
Intel Pentium 4 a 2.4GHz o higher.
1GB of RAM.
.NET Framework 4.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).
You need internet connection during installation


The license is not transferable.
It is only valid for one terminal, the software is tied to the hardware on which it was installed.
The period of validity of the license is unlimited.
Digital license does not include any hardware.

Compatibility with multiple recorders.

Screen ONVIF, conveys the image of the computer screen to the recorder by ethernet, thanks to the ONVIF protocol. This standard is responsible for the compatibility between cameras and recorders of different brands. This allows you to record your computer monitor any DVR or NVR ONVIF with the same ease as IP camera.

It also allows to exploit the features of each recorder: live view, playback, recording, reproduction or remote viewing via mobile or web browser, or search for recordings by time Apps.